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Grinnell Mutual Insurance


Farmate Policies

Farmate policies are designed for homes and farms in rural settings. All farmate policies are able to be customized to cover big and small operations including:

There are numerous additional coverages that can be added to your policy if needed such as:

We also offer the ability to add FarmGuard liability provided by Grinnell Mutual to your Farmate policy and have one policy/one bill.

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Homeguard Policies

Homeguard policies are designed for owner occupied homes in town or when no farming exposure is present on the property in a rural setting.

Homeguard policies provide coverage for:

Additional optional coverages can be added to your policy to customize as you need it such as:

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Rented Dwellings or Cabins

We offer a rented dwelling policy for non owner occupied rental properties. We also offer a dwelling policy for cabins that may only be used part of the year.

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Church, School or Community Property

We also offer property insurance for churches, schools or community property (such as community event buildings, park shelters or cemetery storage buildings).

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